Polka Dots: It’s an Illness

I have a crazy, sick addiction to polka dots. And by that I mean that I own shirts, pants, shorts, shoes, and headbands in said pattern and when I say shirts, I mean over ten, potentially over fifteen but I’m scared to count and see the actual results. Also my bedding is polka dotted. (By this point in the post I’m sure you’re thinking that I’m crazy and my grammar is seriously questionable.) Anywho, I think the fact post that I did yesterday made me feel like oversharing but this is going somewhere I swear. To me, polka dots are perfect for any situation and go with anything. They are classy without screaming, I’m trying really hard to look like I’m classy with a c and not a k if you catch my drift. I feel like every girl should have an adorable polka dot shirt that goes with anything from a pencil skirt to skinny jeans and transitions from day to night. It’s all about the basics and what is more basic than a shirt with dots right? Polka dots are the best way to take an outfit from boring to fabulous in one simple piece. Whether it’s tops, bottoms, shoes, or accessories, you are sure to make a statement!