What I’m Loving Wednesday.

After a temporary break from blogging courtesy of my wireless which doesn’t work unless you gently coax and coddle it, I am back. I know people like to do a five things Friday or something like that but I feel like by Wednesday, I need to be reminded of the good things in life that will get me through until Friday.

1. Insurgent- I just finished the second book of the Divergent series by Veronica Roth and it definitely did not disappoint. I wrote about how the Divergent series will definitely be the next Hunger Games on The Prep Crew and so I will say it again here: If you loved The Hunger Games, you absolutely need to check this one out, it’s amazing!

2. Slutty Brownies- I need to amend this to say that I love and hate these with equal passion. Basically, you get a casserole dish and put a layer of cookie dough, a layer of Reese’s, Oreo’s, or whatever strikes your fancy, and then cover it in brownie mix. Bake these in the over on 350 and then stand over the pan eating them until you explode. Thank you, Pinterest!

3. Water sports- now that I am home for the summer I have either been at the beach or on the lake water-skiing. I love water sports and I always miss them when I am in Boston. Please excuse the obvious thumb in this picture.

4. Iced tea- apparently iced tea is just not something that New Englanders cherish like Southerners. I think that I have made and consumed at least five pitchers of Arnold Palmer’s since getting home with the help of my friends who drink it like it’s going out of style (you know who you are). It’s getting out of hand but I don’t see it changing anytime soon.

5. My rediscovered love for Target– I seriously struggle with not having a car at school but mostly because I cannot drive to go grocery shopping or go to Target. I have a sick obsession and it can’t be tamed, yes I just quoted Miley.