The Facts of Me




Today I am linking up with Whitney at I Wore Yoga Pants to Work, mainly because I do wear yoga pants to work (a lot), but also because I figured someone may like reading some random facts about my life. Maybe? I love learning about other people by creeping on some blogs so let’s send the stalking both ways, shall we? Here we go…
The Facts of Me


I love food- I love cooking it, I love eating it, and I’m impartial to the whole cleanup process. Chances are if you hang around here long enough, you will see some recipes that I create in my oh so spacious dorm room. Also, if you follow me on instagram you are likely bombarded on a daily basis by food pics.

I am allergic to onions- I figure this flows from the loving food. This is a recent, yet tragic development that occurred three years ago out of the blue and makes me an extremely sad panda. Mostly because I cannot eat onion dip of French Onion Soup.

I went to the same school for twelve years- My parents decided that private school was the way to be early on and so began my long and interesting relationship with my elementary/middle/high school. Basically I have known everyone I graduated with since they had bowl cuts (fun times).

I’m a nanny- I have been nannying the same family for a year and a half. It’s been real crazy but I love it.

Whenever I come home from college, I must eat at Pei Wei– My friends make fun of me but I dare you to eat Pei Wei and not want to go back. I love Chinese food so it’s a must.

I have a weird thing with chicken- I love chicken, don’t get me wrong but dark meat chicken scares me to my core. Hence the Pei Wei, they only use white meat. I also am constantly convinced that my chicken is undercooked/diseased/possessed. My family always jokes that they will buy me a chicken thermometer but they still haven’t come through (I know some of you read this). Also have an issue with bananas because they are disgusting.

I can’t read directions- This is definitely something that I learned from my dad. Essentially, if I can’t push all the buttons and make something somehow work magically without knowing any steps or being able to recreate it, I’m not interested. Ikea is not my friend.

I am obsessed with Target- I could literally spend hours wandering the aisles and spend all my money when I just went for one thing. I love everything there and I’m not sorry about it.

I drive a mom car- I drive a Honda CR-V since my family assumed it would be the only car safe enough for my attention problems. Everyone in my circle of family and friends refers to my car as “Soccer Mom,” but her real name is Audrey. My family names cars (fact within a fact).

I am addicted to sarcasm- 90% of what comes out of my mouth is sarcasm and you either like it or you hate it. Most people just don’t understand sarcasm, tragically for them.

My dad has insane child insurance on me– I probably shouldn’t announce this on the internet but I think it is the funniest thing ever. Mostly because if I get abducted, my family gets put up in a five star hotel and gets to fly around in helicopters. Totally normal right? Also, if you ever bring it up to my mom, she cries. It’s really funny (sorry Mom).

I am loyal to a fault- I can make fun of my family and friends all day long but if someone else tries to, watch out. I love my friends like family and my family is the center of my crazy life. Chances are if you mess with either of them I will not be a happy lady but if you are nice to them, I will love you endlessly!


Hope you enjoyed this random collection of ideas!




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