2013-Did You Miss Me?

I’m making my foray back into blogger land after a long but necessary break. Between finals and working, there was no time for my favorite little spot on the internet and that left a hole in my whale-shaped heart. But, I’m back and ready to party. One of the main reasons that you do not see posts from me every day is that I’m not one to just post about something because I have to. I’m not going to write about what I did today if nothing happened, because honestly who cares? So, it’s all about quality over quantity over here peeps. On that note, another year has already come and gone. I feel like that one went way too fast? 2012 definitely had its ups and downs and left some great memories along the way. I finished my sophomore year and started my junior year in college and grew even closer to the hive-inducing graduation date. I spent the whole summer working in Nantucket for an awesome company and I loved it. And most importantly, I spend time with my family and crazy friends. They’re only crazy because they’ve stuck around with me this long (shoutout to you loves!) But in the end, I could not be more excited for 2013. I am declaring it the year of Katie and with some amazing things in the works, I think it will be great! I turn 21 in March, start my senior year of college, hopefully find an internship and place to live over the Summer, and plan to make lots of crazy memories along the way. I can’t wait to get this year started and make 2013 my bitch. Let’s go!


Cheers and hugs,



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