Friday Five.

First of all, sorry y’all that I’ve been totally MIA! My sister, her friends, and my roommate have all been here hanging out with me over the past week so that I wasn’t in this big old house by myself (thanks loves!). We had tons of fun hanging out on Nantucket and working, beaching, and eating (mostly). Without further ado, in an attempt to return to blogging, here is my Friday Five.

1) Since I have been getting in the Fall mood lately, I bought this blazer online to wear to class, work, etc. $25 for an adorable blazer? I think yes.

2) Cutest note cards EVER from kWa. I am obsessed with them. Who wants a letter :)?


3) My new perfume from Nantucket Natural Oils. It is made from natural oils instead of alcohol so it lasts way longer plus no one else has it! Love!


4) Fun times and ice cream (obvi) with the bestie! Going to miss the juice bar so much.

5) And last but not least. This. Every SINGLE night. I know, I’m a lucky girl.

Have a great weekend!







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