What I’ve Been Reading.

Because I work at a retail store, I get some down time during the day when it isn’t as busy. During this time, I love to hang out outside on the bench in the shade and do some reading. Also, because I mostly have no life at night because I know no one (fun, I know), I have been getting A LOT of reading done. Here is what I have read and enjoyed slash hated lately. There is a really eclectic mix so hopefully it’s helpful!

Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed- I read the first book a few months ago at school and I actually really disliked it. I thought that it was really strange and the abuse made me super uncomfortable so I held off on reading the next ones. Once I hacked onto nBt’s Nook app, I read the next two and while they were less creepy and violent, still not my favorite. But, I guess it’s something to check off the box.

Easy and Beautiful Disaster- I’m grouping them together because they were basically the same book. They were both around 3.99 on Amazon so I decided to get them both. I really liked them and I definitely recommend them for quick, easy reads but they are a little younger I feel like.

Flat-Out Love- Really cute and again an easy read. I think I read it in a day or two. It is also a little younger, definitely geared towards college age but it had a surprise ending. Good coming-of-age story.

I’ve Got Your Number- I usually like Sophie Kinsella but this was just so dumb. I really disliked it and there was honestly no story. Decent distraction, bad story.

Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe- A really good and classic read. I loved it.

I’m currently reading Barefoot and The Shack so I’ll update after I finish them.




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