A Day Off And…

A post about pretty much nothing…sorry in advance.

Since I have gotten to ACK, I have had a total of three days off and I am not complaining at all because I love working. I always used to be the type of person that could just sit on the couch all day and do nothing but that has changed BIG TIME. Now, I feel like if I’m not moving then I’m going crazy. However to clarify that statement, I’m not talking about doing actual real things that would be beneficial to anyone’s life but anywhoooo, still doing something. So today, for my first day off in a while I took myself out to a super unhealthy breakfast which I enjoyed all of until I realized that nowhere on this island takes debit cards (woops) and then went grocery shopping and made cake pops for the munchkins (and maybe a few for me too). I have been trying to work out all day but every time I go outside it’s two hundred degrees and I turn around and contemplate another cake pop, major fail. I also was going to go shopping but nixed that idea when I already destroyed my bank account yesterday downtown and this decision also led to a nixing (word?) of the so shamelessly overpriced mani/pedi on the island. Although there are like five different nail places they all are so hideously expensive which is so rude. It would require a whole lot of rowing to get back to Boston and a cheap but still somewhat reputable nail salon.

On another note, I keep flagging different jewelry that I want to buy but I am having such a hard time nailing down something that I actually will get since I work at a jewelry store. Basically I just go and play dress-up every day with all kinds of fun jewelry buttttt I feel like when the Summer ends I will be oh so sad when I have no jewelry and lots of clothes. Sadness. I’m thinking that after a few more paychecks, I will go on a Bridier Baubles haul including the mini Boca and the Coco (both flagged). But we shall see because I am most notorious for being a shopping waiverer who cannot commit to anything until actually wearing it four or five times. Anyone else do that or am I just insane?

Aforementioned cake pops. Side note: the only store on the island is Stop & Shop and they clearly know nothing about cake pops hence the bamboo kebab stick instead of the traditional lollipop stick (sigh).




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