Instagram Catch-Up.

Since I have gotten to Nantucket, I have absolutely failed at the June photo a day challenge so instead of bombarding everyone on Instagram with four thousand pictures in a row, I am going to put them all here. Get excited.

Day 20: Favorite photo you’ve ever taken. My gorge sisters and I being super cute.

Day 21: Where you slept. If you are my dad, the answer would be at various graduation ceremonies.

Day 22: From a high angle. Friends being cute at sunset.

Day 23: Movement. Puppy taking in the movement.

Day 24: On your mind. Missing the family vacation at the beach.

Day 25: Something cute. Using my dog again but I can’t help it.

Day 26: Where you shop. Currently the only place I’m shopping is where I work for daily accessories.

Day 27: Bathroom. This is dumb so here’s a crooked picture of the harbor that I took today. Yay.

Day 28: On the shelf. Jewelry on shelves. Clearly I don’t get out much anymore haha.




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