Green Smoothies For the Win!

Let me start this post by saying I hate most vegetables, especially green ones. I have just started eating vegetables besides green beans this year so in no way am I preaching from some veggie-loving high horse about eating healthy. Okay, now that that’s done I have been trying to find a way to eat healthier breakfasts before work since I have been home. I hate waking up early and combine that with the fact that I would rather eat a bagel slathered with cream cheese, healthy breakfasts became few and far between. Then one day my friend and I were talking about this and we both decided to go home and try to make “green smoothies.” Basically this is just a normal smoothie but with a bunch of spinach thrown in for good measure and nutrition. Anything that either turns out to be the color of grass or a nasty brown super disgusting concoction usually turns me off but you have to get past the gross color to enjoy the greatness. I love these smoothies because I add low-fat vanilla Greek Yogurt which packs a ton of protein into it as well which keeps me full well into lunchtime. Bible, you can not taste the spinach in this at all you guys. I also heard that Kale is good but who knows. Soooo here is my recipe-ish for delicious green smoothies.

Equal parts of all of the following

  • Greek yogurt- I use Cabot’s low-fat vanilla because I think it is super delish
  • Any fruit combo you want- I use pretty much anything but banana is key, it makes it yummy (my favorite combo thus far is strawberries, pineapple, and banana which yields a beautiful brown hue)
  • Spinach- it hurts to add this to my smoothie but it makes it healthy and adds a much-needed serving of veggies into my life

I use a magic bullet for this stuff so here is where I mix because I can’t add anymore stuff in there without overflowing. After I mix all this up, I add five or so ice cubes and then blend it again.

I know that this post is nothing new in the lives of y’all but coming from a former veggie hater, the fact that I like this is new to me. So here’s to hoping this helps someone get some spinach into their body.




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