Instagram Catch-Up.

Since I have gotten to Nantucket, I have absolutely failed at the June photo a day challenge so instead of bombarding everyone on Instagram with four thousand pictures in a row, I am going to put them all here. Get excited.

Day 20: Favorite photo you’ve ever taken. My gorge sisters and I being super cute.

Day 21: Where you slept. If you are my dad, the answer would be at various graduation ceremonies.

Day 22: From a high angle. Friends being cute at sunset.

Day 23: Movement. Puppy taking in the movement.

Day 24: On your mind. Missing the family vacation at the beach.

Day 25: Something cute. Using my dog again but I can’t help it.

Day 26: Where you shop. Currently the only place I’m shopping is where I work for daily accessories.

Day 27: Bathroom. This is dumb so here’s a crooked picture of the harbor that I took today. Yay.

Day 28: On the shelf. Jewelry on shelves. Clearly I don’t get out much anymore haha.




Nantucket Living.

I have officially transitioned into my second summer job which is managing a brand new jewelry store on Nantucket. I just got here yesterday and the store opens tomorrow, talk about crazy day! Not to mention the fact that today was one of the hottest days on record and the store doesn’t have ac, go figure. Hopefully the beautiful, breezy Nantucket weather will return tomorrow with a vengeance. I am absolutely in love with all things New England so being out here is amazing and I cannot wait to meet a ton of interesting people and see beautiful places.┬áThe Nantucket Film Festival is this weekend so maybe I’ll meet a gorgeous celebrity and we can get married, done and done. Anywho, for those who don’t know, Nantucket is a small island located off of the coast of Massachusetts accessible only by ferry or flying metal death trap also known as Cape Air, which I took of course haha. My flight had nine people on it and we were full, talk about panic attacks. Those might have also been attributed to the two diet cokes and venti iced latte I had while sitting on my layover at Logan Airport, but who knows. I can not wait to start my summer off on one of the most beautiful places on Earth and I hope you all enjoy what crazy antics I gracefully stumble my way into and if any of you are ever on the island, let me know!



Green Smoothies For the Win!

Let me start this post by saying I hate most vegetables, especially green ones. I have just started eating vegetables besides green beans this year so in no way am I preaching from some veggie-loving high horse about eating healthy. Okay, now that that’s done I have been trying to find a way to eat healthier breakfasts before work since I have been home. I hate waking up early and combine that with the fact that I would rather eat a bagel slathered with cream cheese, healthy breakfasts became few and far between. Then one day my friend and I were talking about this and we both decided to go home and try to make “green smoothies.” Basically this is just a normal smoothie but with a bunch of spinach thrown in for good measure and nutrition. Anything that either turns out to be the color of grass or a nasty brown super disgusting concoction usually turns me off but you have to get past the gross color to enjoy the greatness. I love these smoothies because I add low-fat vanilla Greek Yogurt which packs a ton of protein into it as well which keeps me full well into lunchtime. Bible, you can not taste the spinach in this at all you guys. I also heard that Kale is good but who knows. Soooo here is my recipe-ish for delicious green smoothies.

Equal parts of all of the following

  • Greek yogurt- I use Cabot’s low-fat vanilla because I think it is super delish
  • Any fruit combo you want- I use pretty much anything but banana is key, it makes it yummy (my favorite combo thus far is strawberries, pineapple, and banana which yields a beautiful brown hue)
  • Spinach- it hurts to add this to my smoothie but it makes it healthy and adds a much-needed serving of veggies into my life

I use a magic bullet for this stuff so here is where I mix because I can’t add anymore stuff in there without overflowing. After I mix all this up, I add five or so ice cubes and then blend it again.

I know that this post is nothing new in the lives of y’all but coming from a former veggie hater, the fact that I like this is new to me. So here’s to hoping this helps someone get some spinach into their body.