Summer Salad.

I have a newfound love of cooking and all kinds of new foods. Up until about this year, I have had the appetite of a picky toddler i.e. chicken fingers, green beans, and caesar salad mostly. Since I am trying to force persuade myself to like salad, I made one with a whole lotta yummy things on top to improve the typical grass flavor of lettuce that makes me want to proj vom. My ultimate fave summer salad recipe is as follows: one bag of spring mix, a shitton of goat cheese (my fave food), pears, craisins, praline walnuts or almonds, and balsamic vinaigrette. This salad is strikingly similar to one that they make at CPK but there’s has Gorgonzola I think. You can definitely use that but any cheese with visible mold freaks me out hence the goat cheese. I use Marie’s brand because I am allergic to onion powder and onions and it is the only one that I have found that doesn’t have it but you can use whatever floats your boat. I love this salad for many reasons: 1) takes three seconds to make 2) stores well if you just leave the dressing off and 3) does not even remotely taste like grass. So for the summer, this is the perfect, easy dinner for two or twenty and it tastes amazing. Enjoy!




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