Back to Blogging!

Now that it’s officially Summer for me, I am most definitely getting back to blogging. I will be spending half the Summer here in Florida and half the summer in Nantucket so I can’t wait to be blogging all about my adventures. For now, it’s Tampa and the good old desk job aka lots of time to fill my days with brainstorming awesome ideas for blogging. As for where I am now, I am still continuing my forty book challenge for the year and am on number eleven, Insurgent. This may not seem like a lot but trust me I get a lot of reading done at the office over the Summer. I have also been trying to cook a lot more so look forward to some yummy new recipes. As for the lack of pictures in today’s post, I’m working on a repair for the good old iPhone so get excited for some cracked out, fuzzy pics in the (hopefully very near) future. I am also trying to get back into running (laughs audibly). I cannot run for my life so we shall see how this pans out. Anywho, get excited for a summer full of Whales and Wayfarers, returning with a vengeance.





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