Home for Easter!

Since I go to a Catholic University, we have a five day weekend for Easter! (I know be jealous). I usually like to come home and hang out with the family and forget about school for a little while but this time I came home with what seemed like the rest of my school. Everyone is here for the Frozen Four Hockey Finals which for some reason is in Tampa. I’m super excited to go to the game on Saturday night with my dad and baby sister and show some BC Pride while still being able to hang out with my mom and puppy as well! I am of course looking forward to having lots of time to snuggle up in bed with my kindle, tea, and puppy and cook/bake some yummy treats. I will make sure to post whatever I make! Happy Good Friday everyone!



One thought on “Home for Easter!

  1. UM…SO JEALOUS you’re going to Frozen Four. That is all.

    PS. Really sorry but I’m rooting for Ferris State. I can’t root for BC cause they’re Hockey East rivals of UML!

    Happy Easter! I hope it’s glorious!

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