The Coffee Maker that Could.

For my return to blogging, I decided to talk about the only reason that I am still functioning on a day to day basis. The amount of work that I have is sickening so all I do is use this magic little gizmo at least once (and by that I mean like four or five times) a day. So here is an ode to my favorite machine of my dorm: my Keurig coffeemaker.

Every morning, thanks to my mom keeping me fully stocked, I have one of these and let me tell you they are just as good as the coffee from DD!

My roommate and I like to keep these in the fridge for those days that you need a little boost and don’t have the time for a nap. Plus, there is NOWHERE to get good sweet tea up north.

And by the end of the day, I have usually consumed so much caffeine that I have to have some chamomile tea to calm me down. Whether I just use my Keurig for super quick boiling water or if I actually use the tea pods, I love it either way!

So for all of those who were ever on the fence in buying one of these, best purchase ever (especially if you have a slight caffeine addiction like me).




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