My best friend from home mMa and I decided to make bows and let me tell you they turned out PRECIOUS! We used a few youtube videos to help us out and since this was our first time, we only used two colors.

The only tricky part of the process is the ribbon looping but once you do it the first time, it is easy to get the hang of it. This is a perfect craft for college girls because if you’re anything like mMa and I, you LOVE your bows. Making them is also much more inexpensive and easier than going out and trying to find the perfect one. This way, you can use any color or patterned ribbon that you like. All that you need is one set of wide ribbon, one set of skinny ribbon, alligator clips, and hot glue. It only took us about an hour from start to finish and we had never done it before. Good luck and let me know how your bow crafting works out!


(This is the main video that we used )



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