New Year’s Resolutions.

Yep, here it is…cue the groans. It’s time to bring out the good old New Year’s Resolutions. I, like 95% 0f the world’s population, would like to get healthy in the New Year. This of course includes diet and exercise but also I would just like to stop putting gross junk into my body (i.e. endless fountain of diet coke). Considering I live on a college campus where all food comes from the not so delicious dining hall, I have been cooking up a preservative free storm while I’ve been home. I’m not one of those starve yourself in order to lose 50 pounds in a month. I’ve been there and done that and it does not maintain so don’t be surprised by some of the recipes that I may post. Here’s my tip, when you sit down to eat, pretend you’re not eating for the end of the world which is what most people do. Chances are, this will not be your last meal so don’t treat it as such. Eat the correct portion of meat, vegetables, and pasta and drink lots of water.

Of course, along with portion control, exercise is super important. I am trying to work out around four or five times a week doing either spin class at school or a two or three mile run. But of course, this is a little bit of a struggle when juggling work, school, and social commitments.

I just downloaded the My Fitness Pal App to help me out along the way. It is a really good calorie tracker and also tracks water intake and exercise as well. If any of you want to be my friend, my username is whalesandwayfarers! Are any of y’all trying to get fit this year? What are you doing to stay fit?



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