Nail Polish Obsession.

I will admit it, I have a sick nail polish addiction. We’re talking three or four times a week addiction. Between my roommate nBt and I, we have enough nail polish to start a large nail salon. I love painting my nails to fit whatever mood I am in and so I just keep buying more and more colors! I definitely do not stick to winter or summer colors either. I love wearing hot pink polish on my toes in the Winter so that at least I know that the grey weather is a little brighter.  I’m also a big fan of sparkles but not a big fan of getting them off so I try to minimize the sparkle usage. My current favorite nail polish brand has to be either Essie or Sally Hansen Complete Manicure. I will absolutely be getting my hands on at least one or two of the Essie Winter 2011 collection colors. Love it! Do any of y’all have a nail polish obsession that would rival mine?



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