When I Grow Up…

Today, the little kids that I nanny for asked me the scariest question ever. We were talking about college (which fascinates them) and my major (marketing and human development). Then they asked me, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” After sitting for a few seconds and thinking of the best way to answer this, I decided to tell the truth, I have no idea. “Well, then how do you pick a major?” Another good question. I tried to explain to them that while I really have no idea where my life path will lead, I had to pick what was most desirable for me at the time. I think that every college student (except for a select few) struggles with the many identity crises that occur in college along the lines of did I pick the right major? what am I going to do with my life? and am I going to be homeless or will I be able to find a job? I know I ask myself this as well. However, at this point in my life I really feel like I am waiting for the pieces of the puzzle to fit together and just trying to live day by day. I kind of hope that some amazing, miraculous job will fall onto my lap but I’m really not sure how realistic that dream is :). Until later, I guess the answer to the ever dreaded question is happy and healthy. Do any of you college kids (past or present) feel the same way?




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